January 16, 2018

Procrastinator’s Guide to the New Year

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Welcome to another year at
The Procrastinate Reader!

Being “A Different Kind of Book Blog” I wanted to start off the new year a little differently, and no, I did not mean by being late with this post. That just kinda happened. Such is the life of a chronic procrastinator who happens to get distracted way to often. Anyway, let’s not procrastinate any further…

Blog Resolutions

  • post more often (or at least not go back into hiatus for months at a time)
  • gain active followers
  • have more followers comment
  • introduce new features (see next post for one new feature)
  • actually review books
  • post updates on what I’m reading
  • highlight indie authors
  • have bloggers, readers, authors, etc. guest post
  • don’t let life get in the way of blogging
  • blog for the fun of it…sure having followers increase is great, but that shouldn’t become the reason to blog


Reading Goals

  • read as many books as I can
  • write reviews (even if I don’t intend to post as a blog entry right away) as soon as I finish the book
  • don’t join reading challenges- just read, read, read
  • don’t forget about reading and reviewing eARCs sent by authors
  • step away from the tv and pick up a book (or ebook) once in a while
  • don’t let life get in the way of reading!


Other Bookish Goals for 2018

  • update facebook fan page whenever posting anything online about books, not just when there’s a new blog post
  • do some spring cleaning of twitter following and facebook friends lists (kinda both a general and bookish goal)
  • keep up with bookstagramming (and foodstagraming)
  • set up that booktube account (http://youtube.com/RockinRitaBlogs)
  • go to book launches and take pics (for bookstagram) and video (for booktube)
  • shop indie (especially author’s indie stores) when buying new books
  • keep participating in bookish chats
  • get more active in street teams
  • write down goals as I think of them so I procrastinate a little less
So there you have it folks, that’s a few of my goals and resolutions I have for TPR, reading, and a few other bookish things for this year.
Do you have any resolutions or goals for your blogs, bookstagram, booktube or reading lists? Share them in the comments below!

March 18, 2019

Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: Camille Arnold Martin of Would You Have Believed Me? #1 of the Step into Darkness Series

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Camille is a central character in Would You Have Believed Me? which is #1 of the Step into Darkness Series. Check out this awesome character interview with her!

Justina Luther~ Welcome to My Imagination


12/29 2:00 p.m.

My cab pulls up outside a nondescript suburban house with tan siding in Adnerba, Ohio and I tug my bag with notebooks and pens after me, swinging it over my shoulder. You’re Annya Quintero, you can do this. So what if this is the first interview you’ve done where your name is connected to it? You’ve got this! Shivering against the winter blast, I start up the front walk, passing a hulking man with auburn hair and amber eyes. I smile at him, readying to see if he knows where Camille is, but the glower he gives me makes me rethink the idea.

When I ring the doorbell the front door swings open and a petite girl with brilliant gray eyes stands smiling up at me. “You must be Annya! Come in, Mom is back in the kitchen. You’re interviewing her first, then my boyfriend Eric, and…

View original post 555 more words

February 24, 2019

Less than delicate thoughts on Plagiarism (A gentle rant)

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Good afternoon campers, like a badly buried Las Vegas hooker, I have made my blogging return.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the plagiarism drama that unfolded on the interwebz this week. So I have decided to stick my well-heeled snout into the kerfuffle, aren’t you grateful?

Papa Hemmingway said it so nicely: Writing is easy, just sit at a typewriter and bleed. Well that is what we are doing every time we close the old porn tabs (your mom is looking muy caliente by the way) and fire up the Word program. Writing is not easy, not even by a long shot. First you have to come up with an idea, one that has not already been used and would actually make for a decent enough book. Okay wonderful, look at you looking all spiffy like. Now just to barf out seventy to eighty frikken thousand words and you are set. You have? Well golly Batman, aren’t we just the sexual tyrannosaurus this morning? Now you need to edit it, find a publisher (That is a ransom note for another day), convince the publisher that you can actually sell said book. Then comes draft after draft, hostage negotiations with cover designers and formatters and then finally, you have the book in hand.

Well ducky for you. Now to deal with the troglodytes over at Amazon, not to mention the scammers and trolls on social media and all sort of mouth breather coming at you. You’ve done it, you’ve made a book. Months and years of blood sweat and tears have gone into it. You are on the last helicopter out of Saigon with your nuts/ovaries still intact.

And then some talentless slob comes and steals your work? I beg your pardon dahling? Not even a polite request if they can quote you in their book (I would be honored, with publisher permission of course. Manners will get your everywhere love.) no, this inbred poodle fucker just waltzes into Berlin and takes entire passages and pages out of your book.

Not cool Mon amis, not cool at all.

I wish authors, both young and old, would realize this- your reputation as a writer is of paramount importance and once you’ve tarnished it, well it’s horrifically hard to get it back. The writing community is a small, incestuous bunch that doesn’t forgive and forget easily. Apart from the massive lawsuits, you would be lucky to write manuals for Hong Kong kitchen appliances after this. Your career for all intents and purposes is finished my friend, better warm up that Chucky Cheese mascot application.

Sorry, I’m a hot little biscuit this week because I feel so strongly about this. I know many a wonderful writer that toils away in the shadows for years without recognition. Amazing writers not to mention human beings that never get the plaudits they so richly deserve. I want to see their books right next to mine on the bookshelves (hint hint, buy my book you cretins) but then this classless Muppet comes along and steals their work. It’s wrong on so many levels.

I am therefore delighted that the book community has stood up so strongly against this thief. We have made our voice sound up loud and clear that such scumminess simply won’t be tolerated. We must celebrate the hardworking writers out there, both indy and traditional and make every effort that the books they worked so hard on gets out there to the public.

As for those who commit plagiarism? A gulag in Siberia sounds lovely but banishment from the writing community would also suffice. There is simply no space for them in our community. Ass-door-you bye bye.

Woof, the rant is finished kiddies. You can let Grammy out of her room now, the storm is over. While I have your complete and undivided attention- why not check out my book? It will keep you on the edge of your seats. That’s a damn promise.

Here’s the blurb and links and yeah, I will catch you on the dark side.

Take care campers.

The Venom Protocols
“You should have left me alone.”
Charlotte Corday was once called the most dangerous woman on the planet by the FBI until she retired. But it’s not so easy to remain retired when the past is determined to drag her back into the hell she wanted to leave behind her.
To uncover the origins of the mysterious Valkyrie program, Charlotte fights through her own dark past, dredged up by those determined to keep her out of retirement… or out of the business permanently… and to find solace in her own razor blade filled mind.
Her own words—her own warning—will come to haunt them.
They should have listened.
Buying Links:
UK ~ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07C1W1SKX
US ~ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C1W1SKX
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-venom-protocols
Google Play: https://goo.gl/CWkN9A
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/781944



February 2, 2019

Five-Book Series by Kara Liane

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💜Five-book Series!💜
A Tryst of Fate Series

For less than $13 USD, you can have all 5 eBooks!

This contemporary series promises sweet moments, lots of romance, and plenty of steamy encounters. All stand-alones with HEAs and no cliffhangers! 

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xiS7vi
~ $3.99 (US) for Book 1; free in Kindle Unlimited
~ FREE for Novella 1
~ $3.99 (US) for Book 2; free in Kindle Unlimited 
**Kindle Scout Winner**
~ $0.99 (US) for Novella 2; free in Kindle Unlimited 
~ $3.99 (US) – for Book 3; Free in Kindle Unlimited

Giveaway by Kara Liane

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*To enter this giveaway, follow this link to my author web site https://www.karaliane.com/current-giveaways

Details about entry and requirements are outlined in the contest rules. Thanks for entering and good luck! *closes 2/7/19 EST midnight.

Excited to have the chance to tell you about these great books!

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Hey everyone I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Tayler Macneill. A little about myself:

     I am what they call a hybrid writer and new to the business. I have always enjoyed writing but never gave it any serious thought until 2016 when I started writing “The Darkest Side of the Moon.” Before that I mainly wrote poetry which has been published through The American Poet Society and is in their library. I also wrote lyrics for a few of Paramount’s musicians which is up for grabs in their country catalogue. Currently I am working on a psychological crime thriller, a Supernatural Fantasy thriller, a psychological thriller and the sequel to The Darkest Side of the Moon. I love Animals, nature, music, movies and art of all forms. My dream is to be living somewhere with a view and a back yard for my puppy.


THE Darkest Side of the Moon 🌙 a cozy mystery only sci-fi style.

A cozy clean mystery suspense, only sci-fi style ❤️

The Darkest Side of the Moon 🌙 

Charlie is just an ordinary girl, or is she? She lives in the city with her best friends, where mysterious murders keep happening and people keep disappearing without a trace. Planes are falling from the sky and trains are derailing. The people are oblivious to what is happening, even the police are left clueless. The city believes it’s a serial killer, but others believe it’s terrorism. No one actually knows just how widespread it is, though it’s everyone’s worst nightmare. 

How would you feel if life as you knew it faded away or turned out it was just a lie? The world has their eyes open, yet no one sees the truth. Not Charlie, her eyes are wide open, and she sees it all!


#free to read chapter 1 from The Darkest Side of the Moon 🌙 


Or maybe you want something filled with action and horror?

The Crack of Evil 👿

A psychological horror supernatural suspense / action thriller (non gore)

Brandy moved to New York three months ago, and is living in an apartment with Cindy, Derek and Ben. They are young and life is exciting. Things should be easy. Their apartment is old and haunted, leaving it a little on the creepy side. The landlord says it has history and history creates character, but how much character does one apartment need? The foursome decide to throw a party, something small and quaint. On the day of the party, they pull out a Ouija board, to see who has been causing trouble. Satisfied, they move forward with their plans.

A storm brews outside the windows, but this storm is different. It’s Friday night, the music is up and the guests have arrived. There are extra guests, but who invited them? Derek and the girls discover the spirits have invited themselves, but Ben, the sceptic, doesn’t believe them—until nobody gets to leave.

A deranged murderer and his killer mistress like to play with their prey, before the kill. A night of psychological games and murderous intentions lead these friends down a dark path.


#free chapter of The Crack of Evil 



***books in getting analyzed for the option of being in a movie 🎥 

Thanks so much for having me on the blog 🙂

Why do we do what we do?

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Good morning/evening everybody. My name is John McCay and I am an author. This is my first blog entry so be gentle with me, okay? It’s my first time. The question was posed to me…

Why do we write?

Let’s be honest with each other here, the money is great. It’s a vindication that another person trusts us enough and that somehow we are doing something right. It still blows my mind that a reader can invest their hard earned money into something I wrote! I feel a total rush when I see those Amazon ranking numbers drop. I’m a dork when it comes to such matters, so please, excuse my enthusiasm. And, if you’re a writer, you know I speak the truth…we all get a touch of jealousy when another writer outsells us (especially when the book has a shirtless gorilla on the cover or has a greyish colour in the title! But I digress.)

We are human…

We want to feel like we belong and can hang with other authors. It’s human nature, I guess. But then I went deeper- and allow me, please, to use myself as a human guinea pig here- I got a Facebook message a few months ago from a person that I had never met before in my life. My jaw dropped to the floor when the person spoke of how my book got him through a very dark time in his life and pulled him back from the edge. He said it gave him hope. My little ole book, my baby, gave this man who I never met, hope! It gave him hope! It just absolutely blew my mind-still does. That’s when I first saw my scribblings for what they truly were- something special! My book gave a person in dire circumstances hope- the will to just step back off the ledge and lift their chin again. That’s a pretty powerful thing! That’s one thing we don’t always realise as writers.

There in lies the power of our words.

It’s a hard and messed up world we live in and it feels like we’re getting hammered with constant challenges day by day. But if our words can help the reader escape that reality, even for just a little bit, then we have succeeded more than we ever realised.

Reading is escapism…

It helps to hold back the shadow for just a little bit. It might sound like hyperbole but it’s true. In the greater context, our contribution is small compare to others. We writers don’t run into burning buildings or work long and painful hours in a nursing ward but maybe we are there to just give the slightest of nudges. Get up; try again.

You. Can. Do. This!

I was so upset the other day when a popular talk show host (I won’t name names here) said that comic books don’t have any value and that they are essentially for children.

Oh Zippy, let me sing you ze song of my people, ja?

I work with children every day of the year (professional cat herder/minion handler here, but we’ll leave that for another therapy session) and I tell you they idolize characters like Spiderman and Iron Man. A young child, still so new to the world can see and recognize the values and life lessons that these characters hold sacred to them. Their eyes light up when they see their heroes. They want to be like them. You are lying to yourself if you don’t think that has an impact on a child.

We need heroes now, more than ever before

Now, I am not saying you should put on some spandex and go jump off a building. (You will be road pizza and nobody wants that). No, I am talking about the little things here. Using your power to help the weak, to lift up those who’s heads have dropped. Little actions can change the world, one damn step at a time.

That’s what we do as writers

Be you a classical writer of major literary novels or something as simple as a comic book, you inspire others to be a better version of who they were yesterday. Another based his Dungeons and Dragons game on one of my books, which is epically cool also.

So yeah…

…that is my song and dance for today.

Keep writing!

Even if you think it is complete and utter Moose kaka, you never know who is out there reading your words and getting inspired or even just finding the strength to lift their head, get out of bed and look the world right in the eyes again.

February 1, 2019

Author Post: Kelsie Rae Fifty-fifty

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Hey everyone! I’m Kelsie and I’m so excited to be here and share my upcoming release Fifty-Fifty: A Lover’s Landing Novella.

Here is the blurb:

I need the money. Now. It’s not my fault that the bed and breakfast my grandpa left me is a giant failure. My only hope is to sell the place and cash in on what little it has to offer. The only problem? I have to convince her, my Grandpa Jay’s pseudo-grandchild, that it’s a good idea too. And she’s even more stubborn than I am.Beau
Nope. There ain’t no way I’m gonna uproot my two-year-old daughter by sellin’ the only home she’s ever known for an entitled city boy unwillin’ to give his granddaddy’s bed and breakfast a chance of thrivin’. Jay, why did you have to partner me up with him? He’s even more stubborn than I am!

You can preorder here: mybook.to/fifty-fifty
Add Fifty-Fifty to your TBR: https://bit.ly/2SfDJl1

About Kelsie
Kelsie is a sucker for a love story with all the feels. When she’s not chasing words for her next book, you will probably find her reading or, more likely, playing with her “monsters”.

She adores chocolate, photography, baking, and chick flicks. And now that she’s actively pursuing her writing dreams, she’s set her sights on someday finding the self-discipline to not eat an entire batch of cookies in one sitting.

Follow Kelsie Online!
BookBub → http://bit.ly/2uXKxsU

 Facebook → http://bit.ly/2GkLj7K

January 31, 2019

Harloe Rae “Lass” Releases!!!

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Title: LASS
Author: Harloe Rae
Genre: New Adult/Friends-to-Lovers/Opposites Attract
Release Date: January 31, 2019
Addison Walker is every fantasy I never dared to believe in.
Moving to this town was already monumental.
Finding her removes any lingering doubt.
She’s bold and vibrant.
Beautiful and confident.
Far too good for the likes of me.
Luckily, I’ve never been very good at avoiding temptation.
My desire is growing beyond control.
I’m done waiting on the sidelines.
When opportunity strikes, I eagerly take advantage.
Signing on the dotted line before thinking twice.
The repercussions cross my mind far too late.
When she swiftly sticks me in the friend-zone, there’s not a
damn thing I can do about it.
Addison is just down the hall—might as well be miles away.
Temptation drives me to the edge of sanity.
She speaks to my deepest cravings like a siren.
Our chemistry blurs every line.
This battle seems impossible to win.
Yet my determination doesn’t wane.
It only takes one night to change everything.
After all, I didn’t come all this way to settle for less.
Purchase Links
$2.99 for a limited time!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
“Are you sure?” Because she isn’t acting like it.
“Yeah, this will solve the questioning.” That doesn’t sound
so great.
I rock back on my heels. “About?”
Splotches of red stain her cheeks. “Ah, well… if this,”
she motions between us, “was heading in a romantic direction.”
I feel the blood drain from my face. “What do you mean?”
“If we’re living together, the potential of us dating is
zippo. We’ll be roommates and friends, but that’s all. Otherwise it will be
awkward and tense and blah. No, thanks. Setting this boundary will cut out the
I choke on the brick lodged in my throat. “Wait, what?”
“Can you imagine the mess we’d be stuck in if things went
sour? Better to not chance it, right?”
No, no, no.
I blink slowly, trying to process her words. Is this an
unwritten rule I wasn’t aware of? And what, now I’m trapped in the friend-zone?
I avert my eyes, glaring at a neon sign stuck to the far wall. An outcome that
doesn’t involve us as a couple seems impossible. I rapidly search for a
counter-argument, begging for a way out of this mess.
What the hell happens now?
Author Bio
Harloe Rae
is a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to romance. She’s always chasing an
epic happily ever after.
When she’s
not buried in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and
son. If the weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country
with her horses.
Harloe is the author of Redefining Us, Forget You Not, Watch
Me Follow, GENT, MISS, and LASS. These titles are available on Amazon.
Author Links

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 20, 2019

Cover Reveal: Justina Luther “Would You Have Believed Me?”

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Author: Justina Luther
Title: Would You Have Believed Me?
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult Suspense
Release Date: 5/10/19
Publisher: Crazy Ink

17 year old Justine Leonard wants to be happy for her widowed mother when she meets, falls in love with, and marries a new mystery man, Dirk Martin. But while this man seems to shine like a knight in freshly polished armor, Justine can’t shake the feeling something isn’t quite right. Is Justine’s gut telling the truth, or is everyone else right when they say her imagination is playing with her?

Justine presses into the warmth of Mother’s palm and tries to ignore the nagging pit in her belly.

“Why don’t you and Dirk chat while I find the little bride’s room?”

“Mom, wait. I—”

Mother lifts her glass in salute and takes a final sip of wine. “Be back shortly.”

“I feel I should apologize for our conversation before the wedding.” Dirk slips into the now empty seat. “To upset you was never my intention.”

“I appreciate it.” She picks up her water glass and gulps it down while she scans the room for Eric’s tall frame.

“Do you?”

“We need another chair here for Eric. Someone ignored the seating chart.”

“No, I changed it. I put him with his mommy.”

His words slither down her spine and her flesh puckers in waves. “Excuse me?” She purses her lips.

“We should get acquainted. Eric is a distraction.” He tilts his head and reaches for his glass. “I want to know the secrets those beautiful silver eyes of yours hide. We are family now, after all.”

“I’m honestly still processing this wedding actually happened.”

“Really?” He smooths his auburn mustache.

“Four months isn’t enough time to know you’ve found someone to marry.”

He slowly nods, his shrewd amber gaze studying her while he swirls his brandy. “Your statement is incorrect. We dated each other for a month before she accepted my proposal, the remaining three we spent planning the wedding.” His chuckle rumbles in concert with the bass of the stringed music. “Perhaps what Camille saw expedited the process?”

“Is this some backhanded way of calling my mom shallow?”

“If you choose to interpret my words that way, then fine. However, it’s natural for people to assume some things.” Raising his glass, he shuts his eyes and savors its scent. “People might deduce you’re intelligent from of the color of your hair and feminine because of the length. I’ve learned these are true.”

Shifting, she studies the crimson velvet curtains draped above the windows.

He leans toward her, each word tinged with alcohol. “I’m sorry. I meant to say she trusts me. I wish you would too. There must be something here to make you happy.”

Purchase links coming soon!

Author Links: 

Facebook Author page, Facebook reader group, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Blog, Bookbub

Author Bio: 

Justina Luther is a lifetime author with a passion for reading and for people. Be it a story or something she’s learned, sharing with her readers is her greatest joy. 1935934_101310369888935_1508550_nWith a love for trying new things, she constantly finds experiences to add depth and realism to her fiction. Her short story titled GED=OMG was published in Beginnings XIV, her short story titled Choices Made was also featured in the For Melissa anthology. Her blog Welcome to My Imagination has won several awards. Her debut suspense titled Would You Have Believed Me? which is book 1 of the Step Into Darkness series is publishing in May of this year and she is currently working on book 2 as well as several short stories to be published soon.


October 25, 2018

Introducing: K.L Ramsey’s “Worth the Wait”

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Title: Worth The Wait
Author: K.L. Ramsey

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 15th, 2018
Publisher: BVS Black Velvet Seductions


Tag Harrison never met a woman as stubborn as Piper Flynn. Fifty-two times, he’s asked her out, and she has turned him down each and every time. Will Tag be able to help Piper get over her painful past to move on to a future with him?


Worth The Wait cover

Purchase Links

US: $2.99 eBook/ $8.99 PB


Taggert Harrison knows what he wants, and he wants Piper Flynn. She is the most stubborn woman that he’s ever laid eyes on. He has spent the last year begging her to go out with him. Every Monday morning, for the past fifty-two weeks, he has asked her out only to be rejected fifty-two times. He wants to give up, but he knows how good it could be, if he could just tear down her walls. Will Tag be able to help Piper get over her painful past to move on to a future with him?
Piper Flynn witnessed the horrific murders of her parents when she was just twelve. She grew up isolated and afraid to let anyone get too close to her, for fear of losing them. When Tag asks her out, everything in her wants to tell him yes, but her past ghosts keep her from taking what she wants. Tag could be her first, in every way, if she could just free her heart from the walls that she has carefully built up around it.


     “I get it, being here with me isn’t what you signed up for. Honestly Piper, you are just proving my point for me.” Tag was pretending to busy himself with clues around the room, but Piper could tell that he was only going through the motions.
      “What do you mean, I’m proving your point?” She grabbed Tag’s hand as he tried to pass her, effectively stopping him in front of her. Without his jacket, she noticed his tattoo sleeve that circled his lower arm. It was a scene of a forest with snow capped mountains in the background. It encircled his entire forearm and seemed to perfectly fit who Tag was.
He gently pulled his hand from her grasp, “What I mean, honey, is that you have made your point. It may have taken me an entire year to catch on, but I get it. You’re just not into me. Message received, loud and clear.”
Piper could hear her own breath catch. How could Tag think that she wasn’t into him? Just looking at him made her body react like it never had before. For so long, she’d wanted to just tell him that she’d go out with him, but she was also so afraid. She couldn’t let herself suffer another loss. She wasn’t strong enough. She guarded her heart like a sentry standing watch. She knew her limits and Tag pushed every one of them.
“How can you think that I’m not into you? You own a mirror, right?” Piper felt her own smile, unfortunately, Tag didn’t return her humor.
     “This has nothing to do with the way that I look. You have turned me down fifty-two times.” She cringed at Tag’s words. “I like you Piper. I thought that you might like me too, but I guess I was wrong.”
Piper could feel her head shaking, denying his words. “You don’t have to deny the truth. I was there every Monday, when I asked you out and you politely smiled and turned me down.”
“You just don’t understand, Tag. I can’t let you in. If you tear down my walls, what will I have left?” She felt her hot tears running down her face and she crudely wiped them with her shirt sleeve. Tag put down the clue that he was working on and moved slowly across the room to where Piper sat.
“Piper, you would have someone who cares about you. You would have a partner, maybe even love. But you will never find out what you could have if you don’t let me in. Just give me a chance, that’s all I’m asking.” Tag wiped away her tears with his thumbs, pulling her into gently kiss her lips. Piper froze, not knowing what to do next. A part of her wanted to see where this all led but her brain was overloading her emotions.
She pulled away from the kiss, “Tag, I can’t.”
Worth The Wait full cover
US: $2.99 eBook/ $8.99 PB

Also by K.L. Ramsey

K.L. Ramsey books

Author Links


Author Bio

K. L. Ramsey was born and raised in Maryland where her life changed when she signed up for a creative writing class. Knowing that someday she wanted to become a writer, K.L. received her BA in English from Salisbury State University.
Ramsey currently resides in West Virginia K.L. Ramsey
(Go Mountaineers!). In her spare time, she likes to read romance novels, go to WVU football games and attend book club (aka-drink wine) with girlfriends. She is living her dreams with Hunky Scientist Hubby. and believes in fairies, unicorns, wishes and long sloppy, wet kisses from her dogs and cats & naps!
Somewhere in her mid-forties, K.L. decided to write her first romance novel, proving that dreams can be realized at any age. Her upcoming novel The Christmas Wedding (Harvest Ridge Book 2) releases November 1st. Preorder the eBook here for 99c US for a limited time!


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