December 5, 2016

I need help…

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So I’m several reviews behind right now but besides motivation and time I think my problem is that I just don’t really know how to write them. Anytime I go to write a review I’m all “OMG this book is amazing. 5 billion stars. Read now.” See my problem? I don’t wanna give spoilers or have my entire review be the book summary so that being said…
I need some help

  • How do you write reviews?
  • Are there any specific techniques you use?
  • Do you have any sources you can link me to that helped you in your early days of reviewing?
  • Do you know of any websites that can point me in the right direction?
  • Do you have any reviews you’re proud of on your blog? If so, please leave the link.

Currently reading:

“Darkness Whispers” by debut indie author Aubrie L Nixon; page 133 of 343


November 18, 2016

I’ve Reached 10 Followers!!! (Updated 11/28)

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My baby is growing up!

My blog relaunched as The Procrastinate Reader: A Different Kind of Book Blog back in July and it has now reached 10 followers!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited you guys! Thank you so much for coming along this journey with me! It really means so much!

In honor of my 10th follower– thanks Alicia–I want to do something very special!


The first person* to respond to this post with the following information will win a backlist book of their choosing from one of my favorite bookstores, The Strand in NYC! First 4 runners up will receive a bookmark of my choosing promoting an awesome book. 

  • Name
  • Blog/booktube/bookstagram name and address
  • Favorite book of all time and why
  • Favorite author
  • Favorite genre to read
  • Most anticipated book of 2017
  • One thing you’d like to see coming up on TPR


UPDATE: TPR has just reached 15 followers!! 

Thanks so much guys for your support! It really means a lot! To celebrate this milestone, I’ve decided to give away more bookmarks!!!!! Now instead of the first 5 people to respond, I’m opening it up to the first 15 responders!  That’s right 15 people will win prizes! Go forth and enter fellow book nerds!




*Anybody who signal flares is not eligible but I very much appreciate the support and will find a special way to thank you!*

September 12, 2016

Kids Of Appetite Manicure (+Review + Giveaway)

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Super excited about this giveaway! And I loved the review so I’m reblogging it.

22466429Kid Of Appetite by David Arnold
Publishing Date September 20th 2016 by Viking Books for Young Readers
Source: arc

Victor Benucci and Madeline Falco have a story to tell.
It begins with the death of Vic’s father.
It ends with the murder of Mad’s uncle.
The Hackensack Police Department would very much like to hear it.
But in order to tell their story, Vic and Mad must focus on all the chapters in between.

This is a story about:

1. A coded mission to scatter ashes across New Jersey.
2. The momentous nature of the Palisades in winter.
3. One dormant submarine.
4. Two songs about flowers.
5. Being cool in the traditional sense.
6. Sunsets & ice cream & orchards & graveyards.
7. Simultaneous extreme opposites.
8. A narrow escape from a war-torn country.
9. A story collector.
10. How to listen to someone who does not talk.
11. Falling…

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August 28, 2016

#BooksForTrade/ #Free To Good Home

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I was going through a friend’s bookcases for her the other day and she only wanted to keep certain books. I picked out what I wanted but the rest of the stuff is up for grabs. Local pickup Cherry Hill, NJ or West Windsor, NJ only. Cannot ship unless we trade. If adult novels below the line are not claimed soon they will be donated to a local library or put up for sale on eBay in groups. For books I’m looking for check out my Goodreads or you can just inquire as I haven’t recently updated the GR list. Please note all books are in excellent condition if not new and are hard cover unless noted with [pb]. I also have a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card, $12 Dominos gc, and $15 Radio Shack gc that I can trade.

  • Treasured Tales: Nursery Rhymes (CD/Book)
  • Read, Rhyme, & Cuddle (DVD)
  • WonderPets: Save the Nursery Rhyme (DVD)
  • Tom Sawyer (animated DVD)
  • Fraggle Rock: Where It All Began (DVD)
  • Let’s Sing with Popeye (DVD)
  • Things You Can Do with a Useless Man
  • George Orwell- Animal Farm [pb]
  • The Baby Sitter’s Club (Mystery #10): Stacey and the Mystery Money [pb]
  • (Illustrated Children’s Classic) Gulliver’s Travels
  • (Illustrated Children’s Classic) Treasure Island
  • (Illustrated Children’s Classic) Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Coin Collecting as a Hobby
  • (Great Illustrated Classics) Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Nicholas Sparks- The Notebook [pb]
  • Nicholas Sparks- At First Sight
  • Judy Blume- Smart Women
  • Hansel & Gretel
  • (Early Readers) Puss in Boots
  • Jimmy Buffett- A Salty Piece of Land
  • Jimmy Buffett- Swine Not? [pb]
  • Bette Greene- Summer of My German Soldier [pb]
  • J.R.R. Tolkien- The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers [pb]
  • (children’s book) Mary Blount Christian– The Phantom of the Operetta [pb]
  • Charles Dickens- Christmas Stories
  • Billie Letts- Shoot The Moon [pb]
  • E.B. White- Charlotte’s Web
  • Lisa A. Koosis- Resurrecting Sunshine {ARC- 9/2016} [pb]
  • (children’s book) Liza Baker- I Love You Because You’re You
  • Erich Segal- Oliver’s Story
  • James Lasdun- It’s Beginning to Hurt: Stories
  • Sarra Manning- Diary of a Crush: French Kiss [pb]
  • Sophie Kinsella- Confessions of a Shopaholic [pb]
  • Rain Mitchell- Tales from the Yoga Studio [pb]
  • Beverly Cleary- Henry Huggins [pb- 50th Anniversary Edition]
  • (Edited by:) Cor van den Heuvel & Nanae Tamura- Baseball Haiku: The Best Haiku Ever Written About The Game
  • Bianca Bradbury- The Girl Who Wanted Out [pb]
  • Norma Fox Mazer- A. My Name is Ami [pb]
  • Michael J. Fox- Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist
  • Howard Pyle- The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
  • Rugrats: At The Movies (based on the Nickelodeon cartoon) [pb]
  • Ron Fontes and Justine Korfman- Wild America [pb- former library book; Novelization of the movie]
  • Melinda Metz- Roswell High: The Outsider [pb- Novelization of the tv show]
  • Jenny Markas- One Tree Hill: The Beginning  [pb- Novel based on the tv show]
  • Anna Lotto- One Tree Hill: A Heart So True [pb- Novel based on the tv show]
  • Just My Luck [pb- Novelization of the movie]
  • Ken Lipman- The Secret World of Alex Mack: Bad News Babysitting [pb- Novel based on the tv show]
  • Diana G. Gallagher- The Secret World of Alex Mack: Mistaken Identity [pb- Novel based on the tv show]
  • Cathy East Dubowski- The Secret World of Alex Mack: Take a Hike! [pb- Novel based on the tv show]
  • Diana G. Gallagher- The Secret World of Alex Mack: Go for the Gold! [pb- Novel based on the tv show]
  • Winning London [pb- Novelization of the movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen]
  • When In Rome [pb- Novelization of the movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen]
  • The Challenge [pb- Novelization of the movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen]
  • New York Minute: There’s Something About Roxy [pb- Novelization of the big- screen movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen]
  • New York Minute: The Secret of Jane’s Success [pb- Novelization of the big- screen movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen]New York Minute [pb- Novelization of the big- screen movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen]
  • James Patterson/ Hal Friedman- Against Medical Advice
  • James Patterson- Double Cross
  • John Grisham- The King of Torts
  • John Grisham – The Testament
  • Stuart Woods- Beverly Hills Dead
  • Lisa Scottoline- Look Again
  • Lisa Scottoline- Dirty Blonde
  • David Baldacci- The Whole Truth
  • Hal W. Lanse- Penelope Quagmire and the Planet of the Zombies [pb]
  • John Kennedy Toole- A Confederacy of Dunces [pb]
  • Marcia Rose- Nurses [pb]
  • Shelley Katz- Family Passions [pb]
  • Dean Koontz- Fear Nothing [pb]
  • Stephen White- Critical Conditions [pb]
  • Deborah Chiel- Sabrina  [pb]
  • Dona Vaughn- Rivalries  [pb]
  • Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave- A Dangerous Liaison (The True Story of a Fairy Tale Love Gone Bad) [pb]
  • Blanche Knott- Truly Tasteless Jokes Two  [pb]
  • Lisa Gregory- Sisters  [pb]
  • JC Pollack- Threat Case [pb]
  • Mark Baker- COPS  [pb]
  • John Grisham- The Innocent Man [pb]
  • Lisa Scottoline- Dead Ringer  [pb]
  • Kathy Reichs- 206 Bones  [pb]
  • Mary Higgins Clark/ Carol Higgins Clark- The Christmas Thief [pb]
  • True Crime: Serial Killers
  • American Red Cross: Standard First Aid Workbook[pb]
  • Teena Spencer- The Girlfriend’s Guide to Hockey [pb]
  • Hal W. Lanse- Penelope Quagmire and the Lizard Men from Outer Space
  • Josephine Tey- The Daughter of Time [pb]
  • Dominick Dunne- An Inconvenient Woman [pb]
  • Patricia Wilson- Guardian Angel [pb]
  • Anonymous (Edited by: Dr. Beatrice Sparks) Jay’s Journal [pb]
  • Janelle Taylor- Not Without You [pb]
  • Clifford L. Linedecker- Prison Groupies [pb]
  • John J. Nance- Final Approach [pb]
  • Janice Kaiser- Monday’s Child [pb]
  • Pete Early- The Hot House: Life Inside Leavenworth Prison [pb]
  • John Grisham- A Time to Kill [pb]
  • Robert Graysmith- Unabomber: A Desire to Kill [pb]
  • Eric V. Lustbader- White Ninja [pb]
  • Francis Parkinson- Keyes: The Safe Bridge [pb]
  • Shannon Waverly- Three for the Road [pb]
  • Janis Flores- Done Cryin’ [pb]
  • Anne Marie Duquette- Finding Father [pb]
  • Bobby Hutchinson- Every Move You Make [pb]
  • Mary Motley Kalergis- Teenagers Talk About Their Lives
  • Robert V. Wolf- Capital Punishment
  • John Grisham- The Client
  • John Grisham- The Pelican Brief
  • Kathy Reichs- Deadly Decisions
  • James Patterson- Witch & Wizard
  • Jennifer Lee- Tarnished Angel [pb]
  • James Patterson- The 8th Confession
  • Greg Gutfeld- The Scorecard at Work: The Official Point System for Keeping Score on the Job
  • Eric Jerome Dickey- Drive Me Crazy
  • John Grisham- The Summons
  • The Practical Encyclopedia of Sex and Health
  • Sarah Ban Breathnach- Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy
  • David Baldacci- Hour Game
  • John Grisham- The Chamber
  • John Grisham- A Painted House
  • James Patterson- I, Alex Cross
  • James Patterson- Alex Cross’s Trial
  • James Patterson- Swimsuit
  • James Patterson- 3rd Degree (2 copies- both HC)
  • James Patterson- Cradle and All
  • James Patterson- Fang (A Maximum Ride Novel)
  • Steve Schirripa- A Goomba’s Guide to Life
  • Lisa Scottoline- Devil’s Corner
  • Gregory McGuire- Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister
  • Stuart Woods- Dark Harbor
  • Stuart Woods- Dirty Work
  • Stuart Woods- Reckless Abandon
  • Stuart Woods-Short Straw (2 copies- both HC)
  • Stuart Woods-Fresh Disasters
  • Stuart Woods-Capital Crimes
  • Stuart Woods- Two Dollar Bill
  • Stuart Woods-Double Tap
  • Steve Martini- The Attorney
  • Jack Canfield- Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
  • Olivia Goldsmith- Marrying Mom
  • 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth
  • Stephen M. Wylen- Settings of Silver
  • Sandra Brown- Ricochet
  • Robin Cook- Crisis
  • Bill Cosby- Love and Marriage
  • Jackie Mason- How to Talk Jewish
  • Sherwin B. Nuland- How We Die: Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter
  • James Patterson- Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas
  • John Grisham- Bleachers
  • Peter Hoeg- Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow
  • David Baldacci- The Camel Club
  • Erich Segal- Doctors
  • Eric Jerome Dickey- Between Lovers
  • Eric Jerome Dickey- The Other Woman
  • Eric Jerome Dickey- Genevieve
  • Danielle Steel- Daddy
  • Jackie Collins- American Star (2 copies, both HC- 1 black jacket and 1 white jacket)
  • Stuart Woods- Blue Water, Green Skipper
  • Andrew M. Greeley- Patience of a Saint
  • Jackie Collins- Hollywood Wives The New Generation
  • Jackie Collins- Vendetta Lucky’s Revenge
  • Jackie Collins- Dangerous Kiss
  • Jackie Collins- Lady Boss
  • Jackie Collins- Lethal Seduction
  • VC Andrews- Brooke [pb]
  • Margret Mitchell- Gone with The Wind (hc- really old copy- in fair condition)
  • Jackie Collins- Lovers &Players
  • Louis Begley- Schmidt Steps Back
  • Joan Collins- Prime Time
  • Joan Collins- Star Quality
  • Joan Collins- Love & Desire & Hate
  • Lauren Bacall- By Myself
  • James Patterson- Cat & Mouse
  • James Patterson- When The Wind Blows
  • James Patterson- Pop Goes the Weasel
  • Steve Martini- The Arraignment
  • George Burns- All My Best Friends
  • Kathy Reichs- Monday Mourning
  • John J. Robinson- Born In Blood
  • Eric Jerome Dickey- Chasing Destiny

August 9, 2016

Today’s my favorite holiday!!!!

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Today is my favorite holiday!!! It’s National Book Lovers Day!!

I couldn’t allow the holiday to pass without celebrating. OK, honestly, I didn’t even know today was National Book Lovers Day until I searched for something on Twitter this evening and saw the hashtag trending. That’s right, when I picked up my latest book today I had no idea I was celebrating a very special day.

You’re probably thinking I went into my favorite bookstore or library but guess what, I didn’t! That’s right. I never set foot into a bookstore today, not did I buy the book online. No, nobody bought me the book. I bought it myself- from my favorite hidden gem– the dollar store! Yep, today’s addition to my TBR came from the book section of my local dollar store!


*Seeker* by Arwen Elys Dayton is one of my largest finds at 432 pages and about a foot in length and 6 inches in width and it was released to the masses just last year! It is also the first in a series. The sequel *Traveler* was released in Spring 2016. It just goes to show you that you never know what books you’ll find hidden amongst the masses and messes.

In my personal opinion, the smaller the dollar store the better the selection of books they have. And often times they have multiple copies of one book!


Go find out for yourself! There’s no guarantee you’ll always find a great read or one in perfect condition, but it’s a little known secret that you can find some wonderful books right around the corner where you least expect them to be!

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