June 4, 2011

How to coupon like “Krazy”

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‘Krazy’ coupon tips that’ll save you $100 in 15 minutes

Heather Wheeler, Joanie Demer are the brains behind TheKrazyCouponLady.com

updated 9/23/2010 9:06:14 AM ET

Want to spend just 15 minutes per week and save $100 a month? Follow these four steps from Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer.

They’re the brains behind TheKrazyCouponLady.com and the new book “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey,” which is being hailed as “the coupon bible.”

They’ll detail below both the “Krazy Way,” where you’ll have to subscribe to multiple newspapers and the “Express Way,” which will bring you savings without taking much time!

Step One: Release your inner coupon fetish
Where do you find coupons? The two main sources are the Sunday newspaper and coupons you can print from home.

The Krazy Way: Subscribe to multiple copies of the paper.

The Express Way: Print coupons! Visit TheKrazyCouponLady.com and click “print coupons.” There you’ll find a huge alphabetical list of coupons to print!

Step Two: Get organized and build your coupon binder
Keep organized — you don’t want a big useless pile of coupons. If you’re saving all your Sunday newspaper coupons and printing coupons, you’re going to have a big useless pile. Find an organization method that fits your schedule.

The Krazy Way: Create a coupon binder. Organize clipped coupons in baseball card holders in a large binder. Divide them into 36 categories by grocery aisle.

The Express Way: Throw coupon inserts into a file box by date.

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Step Three: Shop smart
Don’t purchase items just because you have a coupon. Only buy a product when you find a sale price and a coupon that makes the retail price acceptable. The stores no longer tell us what an item costs. Tell the stores what you’re willing to pay by purchasing only when the price is acceptable.

The Krazy Way: Compare sale prices from your weekly grocery ad to your coupons and “stack” coupons with sale prices. When the price after sale and coupon reaches at least 75 percent off retail, that’s the time to buy!

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The Express Way: Make your grocery list and compare it to the printable coupon database. Print coupons for products already on your list. Total time is about 10 minutes.

Step Four: Build a stockpile that will put your neighbor’s to shame
When you can purchase an item for 75 percent or more off retail price, stock up! The goal is to purchase enough of the product to get you through until the next sale cycle, which is approximately three months.

The Krazy Way: Stuff your cupboards and pantry, clear space in your garage. If you have the storage space and you find a nonperishable product for a great price, purchase even more — to the tune of a year’s supply!

The Express Way: Small space? Get creative. Put products under the bed, on top of the closet and behind the TV. Still tight on space? You can still stock up on the products you use most frequently or products that are expensive. Anyone can utilize this principle within their living situation.

With these tips, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars each year. And it should only take you a few minutes a week!

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