About Me

My name is Rita but I also go by Rockin Rita. I received my nickname freshman year of high school from a teacher who gave it to me because I always walked around listening to music on my walkman. To this day that nickname sticks and I am more passionate than ever about music- listening, singing, downloading, whatever! I’m a crazy, random, fun-loving, super friendly, ordinary, everyday, average girl. I love my friends more than anything else in the world! I like to write poetry whenever inspiration finds me.

I enjoy blogging. I have 6 blogs (3 active). I love my friends more than anything! I am obsessed with music- listening, singing, downloading, everything! I have been unemployed for a year after only being in the work force for just over 6 years. I love blogging. All of my blogs are just like me, random! They contain anything I feel like posting from stuff people send me to interesting things and blog entries I come across to random thoughts I have. This blog (Rockin’ Tips) will be a little more concise and focus just on tips. Enjoy my blog entries and don’t forget *Randomness is the key to enjoying life!* I am always looking for contributors and guest bloggers so if you’d like to be one contact me at RockinRitaBlogs@gmail.com and we’ll talk! 🙂

I ❤ Randomness (inactive)
I Heart Randomness (inactive)
Proud 2 B Random (inactive)
Randomness Rocks (active)
Rockin Tips (active)
The Total Randomness Of It All (active)

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