January 24, 2011

How to Plan a Cooking Party for Kids

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If you are anything like me then January and October have always been big months for birthdays. Growing up I always had a lot of friends with January and October birthdays. What do kids always want to do when it comes to their birthday? Have a party of course.  I found this video through Swag Bucks and thought it was a very clever and  inventive way to hold a party for kids that they and their friends will be sure to enjoy and remember for time to come. Getting kids involved in the kitchen is also a great way to get them to feel more connected to the family and to the food they are eating!

How to Plan a Cooking Party for Kids

What are some of your favorite children’s birthday party ideas? Do you have any favorite birthday parties that either you and/or your kids have had and/or gone to? Do you know of any inventive ways to get your kids to eat healthy? How do you get kids involved in the kitchen? What’s a good age to get them started cooking and baking?


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