April 28, 2017

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue Coloring Contest!

Posted in Books at 11:10 PM by Rockin' Rita

More to come from me and TPR real soon (I swear)! I appreciate your loyalty dear friends and followers during my long unintended hiatus. I will have a few reviews, I’ve got author interviews lined up, there’s the start of my official booktube channel to look forward to and so much more. I’ve been very busy actually reading! Shocker, I know,  but I swear I’ll reveal my secret in the coming months!

For now I’m temporarily out of “Hiatus Mode” to help announce something unprecedented from one of my favorite (still unread) authors, Miss Mackenzi Lee! Girl is about to release the highly anticipated “Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue” (#GentlemansGuide, #GGTVAV) and to celebrate she’s doing a totally #badass* giveaway!!!

Follow the link below for full details on the contest and how to enter.

Source: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue Coloring Contest!

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If you want to preorder #GentlemansGuide (and why wouldn’t you? Mack is a total #BadassBroad* herself!) I highly encourage you to #goindie and skip the big name bookstores. #ShopSmall and help celebrate your own (or Mack’s) community!

Not sure what your local indie is? No problem! Check out http://indiebound.com.

BRB gonna order my autographed** copy from her local indie bookseller @PorterSqBooks.

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*Mackenzi Lee hosts a weekly series on her twitter (@mackenzilee) called #BygoneBadassBroads all about the women who helped to (and in some cases all by themselves) shape history!

**I met Mack at a book event last year (one of my first ever… I swear I’ll get the vid up on booktube one of these days soon) and instantly became a fan. We’ve kept in touch on social media ever since and she was thrilled that I wanted to not just support her but support her favorite local indie. Not knowing if /when she’ll come to my area again I asked if she’d be willing to sign my books and include a bookmark if possible and she totally agreed!!! (Ahhhhhh!! BRB fangirling. 😍📚😎)


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