December 5, 2016

I need help…

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So I’m several reviews behind right now but besides motivation and time I think my problem is that I just don’t really know how to write them. Anytime I go to write a review I’m all “OMG this book is amazing. 5 billion stars. Read now.” See my problem? I don’t wanna give spoilers or have my entire review be the book summary so that being said…
I need some help

  • How do you write reviews?
  • Are there any specific techniques you use?
  • Do you have any sources you can link me to that helped you in your early days of reviewing?
  • Do you know of any websites that can point me in the right direction?
  • Do you have any reviews you’re proud of on your blog? If so, please leave the link.

Currently reading:

“Darkness Whispers” by debut indie author Aubrie L Nixon; page 133 of 343



  1. mmbar42 said,

    I wish I could help you Rita, but I’m a newbie myself. But, I can give you the URL to a blogger I follow here on Word Press. I think her reviews are well thought out and generally excellent. You could leave a note requesting assistance. Most bloggers I’ve seen don’t seem to have a problem helping. Try her:

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  2. Brian Basham said,

    I used to write film reviews for a while, but don’t really do them anymore. What I suggest is that you start off with a basic no spoiler synopsis. That usually helps with getting the juices flowing by getting you writing something. In the meat of the review you get to state what the book makes you think. Any good book will have you thinking about something. Talk about that something. If you are completely blocked on it then what I usually do is talk about the execution and the characters. Did you like the way things were worded within? Was the plot interesting? Think about what others would like to know before picking up a book. I always approached my reviews from the perspective that what I was reviewing was made for an audience. What audience would enjoy this? What are some other things that audience would enjoy? Make comparisons. Hope that helps!

    Here’s a link to my movie reviews:

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    • Rockin' Rita said,

      This is most helpful. Thanks so much Brian! I’ll check out some of your reviews


  3. Marie Selavy said,

    Hi Rita,

    My current book blog is new, but I’ve been book reviewing on and off since 2009.

    My technique:

    Highlight/underline a lot. Note everything that sounds good.
    Pick a couple of good quotes that made you want to continue reading the book. (I only write positive reviews, so YMMV)
    Sum up the book VERY briefly. If they want a synopsis, that’s what the back of the book is for. 😀
    Tell people what made you keep reading, what was unique about the book. Prop it up with details from the text.

    I hope this helps!
    My reviews are over at

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    • Rockin' Rita said,

      Very helpful. Thanks Marie! I’ll check out some of your reviews too. 🙂


  4. christi.frey said,

    Patrick Rothfuss has some killer reviews on Goodreads if you need inspiration. I wish I could write reviews like he does.

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