August 9, 2016

Today’s my favorite holiday!!!!

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Today is my favorite holiday!!! It’s National Book Lovers Day!!

I couldn’t allow the holiday to pass without celebrating. OK, honestly, I didn’t even know today was National Book Lovers Day until I searched for something on Twitter this evening and saw the hashtag trending. That’s right, when I picked up my latest book today I had no idea I was celebrating a very special day.

You’re probably thinking I went into my favorite bookstore or library but guess what, I didn’t! That’s right. I never set foot into a bookstore today, not did I buy the book online. No, nobody bought me the book. I bought it myself- from my favorite hidden gem– the dollar store! Yep, today’s addition to my TBR came from the book section of my local dollar store!


*Seeker* by Arwen Elys Dayton is one of my largest finds at 432 pages and about a foot in length and 6 inches in width and it was released to the masses just last year! It is also the first in a series. The sequel *Traveler* was released in Spring 2016. It just goes to show you that you never know what books you’ll find hidden amongst the masses and messes.

In my personal opinion, the smaller the dollar store the better the selection of books they have. And often times they have multiple copies of one book!


Go find out for yourself! There’s no guarantee you’ll always find a great read or one in perfect condition, but it’s a little known secret that you can find some wonderful books right around the corner where you least expect them to be!



  1. Danielle D said,

    Don’t exactly have a dollar book store, but there is The Strand that sells some books under cover price. I plan on going there later this week to do some browsing and possibly make a purchase or 2.

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    • Rockin' Rita said,

      Hey Danielle! So jealous you love near Strand! I buy from them online sometimes and recently found out they’re in NYC!

      I don’t have any dollar BOOK stores near me that I know of…I went in to the regular boring dollar store


    • Rockin' Rita said,



  2. Angela said,

    Books are everywhere…waiting to be read. Happy Reading Rita!

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  3. Rockin' Rita said,

    They are everywhere near me… UGHHHHHHHHH hope do I read them all?????!!!


  4. I love love LOVE finding cheap books! There’s this big Hungarian book store that has a couple of shelves dedicated to books that are somewhat damaged – like the cover is a bit bent etc. – and there are crazy huge discounts on some that look totally good, too! Unfortunately, in Hungary’s used stores/library sales etc. you can mostly find older books, def not YA, so that’s sad, but OH WELL. 🙂

    Hope you’ll find some great books like this for super-cheap in the future, too! 🙂

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

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    • Rockin' Rita said,

      I wanna go to THAT bookstore lol and that kinda sucks about the used stores/library sales but hopefully as YA becomes more popular there’ll be more YA books available to you at all your stores/libraries


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